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Project Overview

We are Biolegend and we would like to show you our new product "BioKnee". BioKnee provide a brand new solution toward rehabilitation through mobile application, software system, data storage database, wearable devices and AI computing platform(Azure). We are aiming to bridge the gap between the rehabilitation practitioners and the clinical specialty, and link the clinical professional settings with the patient's actual rehabilitation records then feed it into the system for AI analysis. "Bioknee" is also a rehabilitation communication system that can provide clinical therapists and patients a well-communicated platform, and generates personal database during the procedure. Predict the cured time through Machine Learning, and also motivate the patient to rehabilitate. Use "Bioknee", no longer suffering from the pain points of the clinical professional gap.

About Team

We are Biolegend, and we come from Taiwan. Creativity and Innovation are our actuated force to participate in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. We use new technology to solve the pain point in the rehabilitation. Diversified professional abilities are the features of our team. We would like to leverage our advantages to make some difference, and make the world a better place. We came from the various universities that include NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), NCHU (National Chung Hsing University) and departments such as Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, and Biomedical Engineering. We also have a Physical Therapist and a professor of Biomedical Engineering Department to foster the clinical specialty and make our product reliable and feasible. In the future, we will aim for the patients to reduce or to manage the joint problems throughout the body. Our Final Goal is to maintain "Health and Happiness" for users, and no longer suffer from the pain points of the clinical professional gap.

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