2019 Imagine Cup: Asia Regional Final

2019 Imagine Cup: Asia Regional Final banner image

1st Place
Caeli, India
2nd Place
RailinNova, China
3rd Place
AidUSC, Philippines

Asia Regional Finalists

One idea starts the journey. The twelve finalists from the Imagine Cup Asia Regional Semifinals brought their most original technology solutions forward and are now one step closer to winning the grand prize of USD100,000. Get to know the teams who will be pitching their ground-breaking projects in Sydney, Australia on 12 February:

Screenshot of maintenance working deploying the Rail Component Inspection Robot



Rail Component Inspection Robot: Rail Component Inspection Robot (AI+IoT) operates through automatic positioning, and identifies various defects through multi-sensor fusion in order to realize the replacement of workers in a rail inspection project.

Group photo of Alpha-India



Spot – AR Based Product Filtering: Spot allows you to recognise packaged foods and check if it contains a certain ingredient or exhibits a certain character. If a tourist visits India, he is unaware of what he can eat because packets have information written in a foreign language.

Photo of Caeli's device and breathing mask



Caeli - Breathe Freely: Caeli is a smart automated Anti-Pollution and Drug delivery mask specifically designed for Asthmatic and Chronic Respiratory Patients. Caeli implements breakthrough features to improve the quality of life for respiratory patients living in polluted areas.

Logo of RVSAFE



RVSAFE: Disasters often strike, when we are least prepared to face them. They leave behind a trail of destruction, adversely affecting human life, and property. The loss caused by disasters can be significantly reduced with better communication and proper management. Keeping this in mind, we designed RVSAFE, a one stop solution for effectively handling any kind of disasters (natural or man-made).

Group photo of CodeSell



Sellution - social media: Sellution is a software as a service (SaaS) to help SMEs to perform social media marketing, not just in an easy way, but is also effective and efficient. Sellution's main features are optimizing marketing content, help finding the right audience, and recommendations.

Screenshot of a team member presenting their project



FishingPhishing: This is a phone application using Machine Learning to analyze call voices in real-time to detect scams and warn the users.

Logo of SUFECS



Smart Urban Farming with Automated Environmental Controlled System: SUFECS was developed to transform the farming experiences of urban farmer. With SUFECS, farmers can monitor and control the artificial environment to achieve the most suitable environment for crops.

Screenshot of team members and their app


New Zealand

LookUP: It is estimated one in five people in the world are dyslexic. However, most QnA platforms are completely text-based. LookUP is a medium in which the dyslexic and non-dyslexic communities can effectively collaborate and learn from one another.

Screenshot of AidUSC's app on a smartphone



Aqua Check - Water Contamination Mobile Application: Aqua Check utilizes Microsoft Azure’s Custom Vision to empower anyone to analyze for contamination by taking a photo of a water sample through a microscope. Using Azure Web and Azure Maps, we are able to map the contamination locations.

Screenshot of team members presenting their project



Mobile Augmented Reality Navigation Application for Wheelchair Users: This project aims to develop a mobile application, InclusiveAR, to assist wheelchair users in travelling. InclusiveAR will map out wheelchair-accessible routes and provide visual guidance to direct wheelchair users to their destinations using AR.

Screenshot of a team member and their communication device

The Straw Hats

Sri Lanka

Mind Probe: Our project aims to help people with disabilities like ALS, DMD, etc. which impair their ability to communicate. We tap into their brain waves and use that to predict the number they are thinking and use that information to interface with a smartphone.

Logo of Maker Playground

Maker Playground


Maker Playground: Maker Playground is a next-generation IDE for IoT project development from developing device firmware, generating circuit diagram, programing your device, and designing an IoT dashboard all in one software.

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Regional Final Prizes

The twelve Asia Regional Finalist teams will travel to Sydney, Australia and compete for the following prizes:

  • First place: USD15,000 and a spot in the World Championship
  • Second place: USD5,000
  • Third place: USD1,000

World Championship Prizing

First place teams from the Regional Final will advance to the World Championship and compete for the grand prize of USD100,000 + Azure Grant.

Important Dates

10 January
Regional Finalists selected

12 February
Regional Final in Sydney, Australia

6 May
World Championship in Seattle, USA


Headshot of Rachel Bondi

Rachel Bondi
Marketing & Operations Director Microsoft Australia

As the Marketing and Operations Director, Rachel Bondi is responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategies across the full range of Microsoft’s products and services in Australia. She also leads the business operations for the local subsidiary including long-term planning initiatives.

Headshot of Kate Carruthers

Kate Carruthers
Chief Data Officer at UNSW, Author and founder of IoT MAus

Kate Carruthers is Chief Data & Insights Officer for UNSW Sydney, and is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering. She is co-founder of several startups, including IoTM, and currently advises a number of startups.

Headshot of Justin Garrett

Justin Garrett
Director in Academic Ecosystems at Microsoft

Justin Garrett is Director in Academic Ecosystems at Microsoft. Justin and his team work closely with university faculty, product engineers, and Cloud Advocates to create engaging learning experiences for student developers. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team, volunteering at an animal shelter with his daughter, and is an avid Pacific Northwest skier-mountaineer.

Headshot of Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce
Author, Inventor & Futurist

Mark Pesce is a leading futurist, author, entrepreneur, and innovator. He has been at the forefront of the digital revolution for thirty-five years and is a sought-after keynote speaker for major conferences and leadership gatherings.

Headshot of Emily Rich

Emily Rich
Managing Director for Aus/NZ Microsoft for Startups

Emily co-founded Jemsoft an AI company, which was then acquired in 2017. Emily went on to co-found M8 Ventures, a venture capital fund, whose concentration is working alongside founders to build out robust commercialization and sustained growth strategies. Emily has joined Microsoft as Managing Director of Startups for ANZ where she is committed to building out startup initiatives for this region for both startups and scaleups.

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