2020 EMEA Online Semifinals

2020 Imagine Cup EMEA Online Semifinals

Winner $8,000
Winner $8,000
Runner-up $2,500
Runner-up $2,500
Runner-up $2,500

EMEA Regional Finalists

Every year, students create inspiring tech projects that tackle some of the world's biggest social, environmental, and health challenges. We’re looking for the next big thing and we know students like you are going to make it. Imagine Cup, Microsoft’s premier international competition for young developers, is your chance to show off your biggest, boldest solution.

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Group photo of team Allez



Allez: Allez helps coaches further train their athletes. Allez provides motivation through achievements and goals, performance metrics, and overall progress tracking. At the end of each training session, athletes are asked to evaluate their sessions. Evaluations are important to help express the athlete's feelings with their coach.

Group photo of team ALOIS



ALOIS: ALOIS is a social bot designed to treat depression and free the user from negative thought patterns. ALOIS can determine the user's emotional state and assist in finding the cause of their depression.

Group photo of team Casie



Casie: Casie uses emotion tracing to identify the level of understanding of any learning material. Lectures can be emotionally traced to identify which students may need help understanding the topic.

Group photo of team Flowlines



Flowlines: Flowlines tackles body image issues in social media through user drawings using Augmented Reality. The sketching process uses a CNN model to predict the drawing stroke by stroke and provides real time suggestions for autocorrection.

Group photo of team The Knights

The Knights


WEEDING BOT: WEEDING BOT is an automated robot using artificial intelligence to identify and remove weeds from rows of crops.

Group photo of team meCare



meCare: meCare is a hardware and software solution designed for doctors and home users to detect skin cancer. It can provide identification of the tumor and make recommendations for further action.

Group photo of team Monica



Monica: Monica is an assistant designed for visually impaired people. A camera is attached to the user's glasses and paired to a microcontroller and their phone. When the user has a request, they may do so through their voice without the need to physically access their phone or manage apps.

Group photo of team RedWalls



I-Remember: I-Remember is a mobile application designed for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. The patient interface includes task reminders, live facial recognition, labelled photos, emergency location and call assistance, as well as memory games to help evaluate and train the user's memory. The caregiver interface provides the same, but with supervisor features.

Group photo of team Vhysio


United Kingdom

Vhysio: Vhysio is a web application utilizing tensorflow.js, a cutting-edge browser-based Machine Learning library, to enable accessible physiotherapy for the visually impaired. Vhysio provides real-time feedback by speaking through exercises and responding to the user's posture.

Group photo of Team Wild Eye

Wild Eye_KE


Wild Eye_KE: Wild Eye_KE brings technology to the wild by monitoring and tracking animal activities. Wild Eye_KE will notify authorities if animals move away from the wildlife protected areas in an effort to reduce poaching and human interaction.

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Regional Final Prizes

The teams that advance to the Regional Final will win a trip to the EMEA Regional Final event in the Netherlands and compete for the following:

  • The top two teams will win USD8,000 cash, Azure credits, a trip to Seattle, and a spot in the World Championship.
  • The three runner-up teams from each Regional Final win USD2,500 cash and Azure credits.

World Championship Prizing

The two top teams from the Regional Final will advance to the World Championship in Seattle (date to be announced) and compete for the grand prize of USD100,000 cash, USD50,000 Azure credits, and a mentoring session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Important Dates

16 January
Regional Finalists selected

10 March
Regional Final in Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Championship, Seattle, USA


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