Pitch Video Challenge

Pitch Video Challenge

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Tue, 10 Sep 2013 00:00 - Fri, 25 Oct 2013 00:00

Online Competition

In September we asked students to dream up their next great Imagine Cup project and pitch it to us in a short video. We received submissions from around the world – including 30 from Sri Lanka! – and our judges have chosen our winners:

World Citizenship: Team Symbiote (Ireland)

Team Symbiote

Nyx is a Kinect-powered Windows game designed for patients with Multiple Sclerosis or Muscular Dystrophy. Using motions based on actual physical-therapy techniques, patients play a series of manipulation puzzles designed to retain and improve their physical mobility and control. For pitching us this promising concept to aid people suffering from these diseases, we are very proud to award Team Symbiote from Ireland the first prize of $3,000 in the World Citizenship category.

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Games: Team Sticky Bits (Romania)

Team Sticky Bits

Grimacizer is a terrific concept: a game you play on your Windows Phone by making outrageous faces at the camera! Using facial-recognition software, Grimacizer challenges players to replicate the crazy faces they see on screen with their own face – and to test their friends to see if they can make better faces faster. For pitching us this ingenious blend of creativity, expression, and technology, we are very proud to award Team Sticky Bits from Romania the first prize of $3,000 in the Games category.

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Innovation: Team Mote Labs (United States)

Team Mote Labs

Flinger.co is a clever solution for playing any web or video content you want onto the Smart TV of your choice. Team Mote Labs competed in the United States Imagine Cup National Finals in 2013 with an earlier version of this project. Based on what they learned about the power of Windows Azure and other technologies, Mote Labs re-envisioned their project and have taken it further than ever before. For pitching us this promising consumer media app, we are very proud to award Team Mote Labs from the United States the first prize of $3,000 in the Innovation category.

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In addition to these first-place winners, nine more teams in each category were selected for Honorable Mention. All 30 teams will receive feedback on their projects from the judges to help them take their work forward and make it even better. For the complete list of winning teams, please visit our Pitch Video Challenge Winners page.

There are still a number of ways to compete with Imagine Cup, take a minute to learn about the contests going on now and get started!

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