Imagine Cup 2018: Greece, Cyprus, Malta

Imagine Cup

Sounds great? All you need is an innovative idea and some Microsoft Technologies and you are ready to start now!

Submit your project by April 15th to get promoted to the local finals and get a chance to win a spot at the Worldwide Finals in Seattle.

What you should take into consideration while submitting your project:

  1. Your team can be from 1 to 3 persons and you should all be students in Universities or Colleges.
  2. You need to register to the competition and create your team on the official site in order to be able to submit the project
  3. Every team can have only 1 mentor, but it is not mandatory.
  4. You can only participate and compete with 1 team
  5. You need to submit your project on the official site up until April 15th
  6. For submitting the project, you will be asked to provide info for the below:
    1. Title
    2. Short Description
    3. Project Proposal-Describing your idea further (in Word or PDF or PPT)
    4. Software
    5. Software Instructions
  7. In order to be eligible to participate in the finals, you have to follow all the official rules and regulations of the Imagine Cup competition. You can find them all here (Pay attention to the «CONTENT AND TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS» as well as the judging criteria).

The projects that fulfill the above standardized requirements, will get promoted to the online local finals for Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

The Local Final will be held in the week of 23-27 of April 2018.

During the local finals, the teams will be evaluated by judges and the winning team will be advanced to CEE Regional Final.

The CEE Regional Final will take place on May, 29 and 4 Teams from CEE will be advanced to the WW Final.


Developing and working on your project & knowledge is an ongoing process.

That’s why we’ve prepared IMAGINE CUP ACADEMY program focusing on both Technology and Project Development. In the upcoming days we would like to invite you to join our webinar series and/or local events to help you build your project and successfully compete in the Imagine Cup.

 Our experts will share with you their tips, recommendations, resources, and experience with technology, project development, and Imagine Cup. You’ll also get a chance to ask questions, discuss issues you are struggling with, and network with other students. Former Imagine Cup teams will also join us to as Special Guests to share their story, lessons learnt, and tip and tricks.

 Reserve your spot now.

Webinar 1 | Technology Focus | Artificial Intelligence
Webinar 2 | Technology Focus | Big Data
Webinar 3 | Technology Focus | Mixed reality
Webinar 4 | Technology Focus | Elevator Pitch
Webinar 5 | Project Development | Business Model
Webinar 6 | Project Development | Path to the Startup
Webinar 7 | Project Development | Marketing Tips & Tricks
Webinar 8 | Technology Focus | Azure


The 2018 Imagine Cup season is underway - start your journey today by registering for the 2018 Imagine Cup.

 Share with your friends, build a team, and show the world what you’ve got!

Good Luck!


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