2023 Epic Challenge

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Competition year

Active Dates (GMT):
Thu, 6 Oct 2022 00:00 - Sun, 4 Dec 2022 23:59

Online Competition

The Imagine Cup Epic Challenge gives students the chance to pitch their technology project and provide a project plan to be screened and evaluated by a panel of judges. The top Epic project from each region will advance to the World Finals pending successful completion of entering Round 1 following the close of the Epic Challenge. The top 12 teams will receive feedback from our judges to update their project for the next round.

It's your chance to tell the story of your project and your team, what you're trying to accomplish, how you’ll do it, and what the result will be like. It encourages students to think through their project before diving in and write down their plans before they get started. Who will your users be? What are their needs? And finally, how will you get your project to market and make enough money for you to support it?

Competition Rules

Support E-mail


Students age 16 and older at school or university

Team size

Up to 4 competitors


Submissions are due by 23:59 GMT+0 on December 4, 2022


One winner in each region can win $1,000 and move directly to the World Finals

Online or live


Submission requirements

Project title, description, project proposal, and a 3-minute presentation video